About Us

Foster House Productions

Nate Foster

Visual Effects Supervisor

 Nate’s attraction to moving images began with a Fisher Price Movie Viewer and a cartridge of Disney’s Lonesome Ghosts. His first foray into filmmaking resulted in a broken collarbone and the sobering realization that blowing things up could result in harsh prison time. With a clear view of what not to do, Nate decided to stay behind the camera. After graduating from The Savannah College of Art without a single felony conviction, Nate joined Primal Screen where he worked alongside future Spitfire Director Tripp Rhame, compositing many live action and stop motion projects. Under the Primal wing, Nate developed a sharp eye for detail and expanded his skill set immensely, working on a multitude of campaigns and racking up tons of prime time experience. In 2007 he went freelance and delved even deeper into the black art of live action compositing, pushing his work to the next level and making the seams invisible. If you can see the compositor’s work, then they didn’t do their job right. After many successful freelance projects with Spitfire, 2009 saw Nate jump onboard and take on the official title of “Chief Science Officer”, heading up the Visual Effects and Compositing team.


Joanna Davidovich

Animation Director

Joanna Davidovich was born in small suburb of Jacksonville Florida into a family of Ukrainian gymnasts.  When it became apparent she could neither execute a back handspring, nor bear the minimum amount of body glitter required for competition, she fell back onto a talent for doodling sunglass-wearing flamingos and somehow made a career out of that. She earned her BFA in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated as a salutatorian of the class of 2005.  Now based in Atlanta, she works as a freelance animator, character designer, story artist, and all-around 2D animation-type person for commercials, promos, and television shows.  Studios she has worked for include Primal Screen, Turner Studios, Renegade Animation, Playdom, and Bento Box. Her great variety of studio work includes animating on Cocoa Puffs commercials and on-air promos for Cartoon Network, and boarding shows such as Ugly Americans and Monica’s Gang.  Of her self-produced work, she created the titles for the BBC3 show Touch Me I’m Karen Taylor (2007), and the Laughing Orangutans (2008) cartoons for PBS’s Electric Company. Currently her animated short Monkey Rag (2013) is still running wild on the festival circuit and is now available to see online.